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When you succeed we succeed. Our business model is all about duplication. We are duplicating the model of those who have succeeded before us, and helping you to do the same. 

About Us

Massive Growth

We are exploding in growth and growing at a pace of over 2 million dollars per month. And we are still a young debt free company with room for massive growth yet. With amazing products like eMulin, 24/7 and Slim Roast Optimum Coffee,  our sites are set on 100 million per month! And we want you to be a part of that. When we succeed, you succeed and win, with industry leading compensation plans with car bonuses! Join our globally expanding team of marketing consultants.


Patented Health and Wellness Products with Nobel Nominated Scientist Dr. Joe Ahrens

Our great products just got even better!  Two time nominated Nobel scientist Dr. Joe Ahrens has joined the team and made products exclusive to Valentus! These products like eMulin and 24/7 are phenomenal and add just another reason why the sky is the limit with Valentus and our growth is just beginning. Check out these amazing products as well as our full line of health and wellness products.


I Just Want to Buy Now. I Don't Want To Sell!

No problem!  We hear you loud and clear. You're gonna love our products! New to us? May we suggest two of our best product lines to start with? 

1. Everybody needs eMulin! From womb to tomb. 

eMulin is a powerful vitamin like compound that helps regulate the immune system and the body's inflammatory response as well as regulates sugar in the body. You can learn more about it here:

2. Prevail Slim Roast Optimum Coffee and Cocoa are two powerful flavorful products that taste great! Cut cravings, be alert and feel great!

You can learn more about it here:


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